Can you unlock the clues?

We offer three unique themed escape rooms.


Jail break

Accused of being behind a rash of stagecoach robberies, the sheriff has thrown you in the county jail. You must figure out how to break free of your handcuffs and escape the jail before an angry lynch mob gets to you!

Room 457

You’re venturing into Room 457 at the Hotel of The Light. The room is rumored to be haunted by Nadia, a bride killed by her groom the night before their wedding. You must free Nadia’s spirit before the clock strikes midnight if you want to live long enough to check out of the hotel.

Once you check in you may never check out.

Bank Heist

Your inside man has placed you inside the bank near the vault at closing time. He can only delay the alarm from going off for an hour. Can you get inside the vault, get the jewels, and get out before the alarm goes off?